With New York City artists grappling between recreating the 90s sound of boom-bap hip-hop or eschewing that style completely, Vinny Cha$e's 'Kings Landing' represents a balance between the two styles.

The project starts with the Harlemite sampling the classic Firm record 'Affirmative Action' to create the banger 'Hustle.' It doesn't take long for Vinny to head into the territory of 808s and Brick Squad features. Young Chop produced a record for the mixtape. Meanwhile, Waka, Frenchie, and in-house artist Kid Art.

Meanwhile, another major collaboration comes on the song 'Money Tonight,' where Vinny links up with Kid Art and the Harlem legend, Ma$e. Considering Vinny's uptown heritage, this song is likely a huge deal in Harlem as a passing of the guard of sorts.

Check out the latest project from the Epic Records signee below.