While the American Music Awards belonged to Justin Bieber, his mentor Usher didn't do so bad either. The singer took home two trophies -- Favorite Soul R&B Album and Favorite Soul R&B Male Artist -- at this year's ceremony, and according to the 32-year-old he's ready for whatever comes next.

"You know what I've done? I've decided that it's not really about worrying what the next step will be," he told The BoomBox backstage at the awards show. "It's really cherishing the moments that you have as you make them, and knowing that everything that you're doing should last an eternity if you put integrity into what you're doing at that moment."

Since releasing his sixth album, 'Raymond v. Raymond,' at the top of the year, Usher has seen a career resurgence, which had dimmed amid the release of his fifth album, 'Here I Stand,' and short-lived marriage, causing some to speculate that his career was over. His latest album spawned several hits including 'OMG,' which earned the singer the third highest debut on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The singer is currently wrapping up the tail end of his OMG tour with fellow R&B crooners Trey Songz and Miguel. But with everything he touches pretty much turning into musical gold these days, he remains humble. "The journey, just the act of continuing to work, is the most important part, not the goal," he says.

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