On the heels of his hit 'Good Kisser,' Usher performed his new song 'She Came to Give It to You' with Nicki Minaj at the 2014 MTV VMAs on Aug. 24.

Outfitted in all white everything -- and flanked by a full band and dancers in similar attire -- Usher launched into the funky song. Dancing, singing, and breaking into a sweat Mr. Raymond proved that though he's been in the R&B game for two decades he hasn't lost a step.

The frenetic moves of his dancers and impressive showing by his horn and rhythm weren't the only thing keeping the energy high as Nicki Minaj made a guest appearance also rocking white head-to-toe and a wide faux fur shawl for extra effect. While Minaj rhymed Usher kneeled playing his guitar, and bumping his head against her bountiful booty.