Usher's forthcoming seventh album is straying further from R&B and leaning more toward an experience that "works everywhere," according to the 33-year-old crooner. NME was privy to an advanced listen of the project, which is currently untitled though widely reported as The Shanertance.

"Climax," produced by Diplo, will appear on the effort and has already received a visual. 'Looking for Myself,' 'Numb,' 'Scream,' 'Euphoria' and 'Sins of My Father' are new tracks that are set to make up the LP, inspired by Usher's attendance at the Coachella Music Festival.

"I love the feeling that we have here and the different styles of music, let's find a way to make an album that works everywhere, that works here, works for my fans, works for the classic audience, works for my pop audience, and that's why you feel you're hearing this eclectic mixture of music," he told NME.

"Looking for Myself" was created by Australian electronic duo Empire of the Sun, noted for their track "Walking on a Dream." "Empire Of The Sun I thought, 'Man what an incredible sound', there was something just fresh about," the R&B singer said. "And when we started working on 'Looking for Myself' in fact the week that I wrote and produced the record it was right after we'd come back from Coachella. And having gone to Coachella in California, it really kind of gave us an opportunity to have a restart, because that was certainly a different experience for me."

As for "Sins of My Father," Usher reveals he created the lyrics to tell a true story in a roundabout way but allow the listener to experience how he felt.

Check out the tentative list of songs appearing on Usher's seventh album, due in May.

1. "Climax"

2. "Looking for Myself"

3. "Numb"

4. "Euphoria"

5. "Scream"

6. "Sins of My Father"

Watch Usher's 'Climax' Video