'Jimmy Kimmel Live' is known for its diverse lineup of guests and comedic firepower, and Thursday (June 9) evening's show will be full of just that.

To celebrate the NBA Championships, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live''s NBA Game Night Specials will air and give face-time to one very special R&B superstar: Usher. The late-night talk show host tapped the 'Raymond v. Raymond' creator to join him in shooting a comical music video. The visuals -- check out a sneak peek at what the two are up to in the above photo, provided exclusively to the BoomBox -- will feature the entertainers performing a basketball-themed original song in tribute to the NBA that will air during the prime time show on Thursday night.

Kimmel and and Usher will sing an R&B duet, written by the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' writing team. While there's no word on details of the lyrics, expect to laugh and hear the soul crooner sing in his mesmerizing tone.

The song is expected to touch on the NBA's "unsung heroes." Tune in on Thursday at 8PM ET to find out just who they are and what they do for the game.

Watch Usher's 'OMG'
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