Usher is adding another element for the second run of his successful OMG tour. Through his New Look Foundation, the R&B superstar will embark on a Powered by Service tour, which will hit five affiliated communities.

The 31-year-old will make double stops in New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and Vancouver, British Columbia, covering both his professional and philanthropic work. "Music is what brings us together as one world and I'm excited to see this generation use its voice to be powered by service," Usher said in a statement to the BoomBox. "Our youth leaders have been doing an incredible job throughout the country and around the world. We are excited to bring this successful model to these five great cities."

As a founding chairman of his New Look Foundation, the superstar has worked with youth around the country, under the four leadership pillars laid out by the organization: talent, education, career and service. Each stop on the Powered by Service tour will provide approximately 50 local youth with leadership training and the opportunity for the youth leaders to meet the 'OMG' singer.

The Foundation is partnering with local schools and community organizations in implementing the tour, which includes training sessions to empower youth leaders with valuable tools including personal branding, how to develop their talents and how to apply for one of Usher's New Look Foundations community grants. Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to attend New Look's World Leadership Conference in Atlanta July 20 through 22.

The Powered By Service tour kicks off Sunday, May 8th in New York City.

Watch Usher's 'OMG'
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