Usher says he's started a new genre of music. "I'm working on a new genre of music -- Revolutionary Pop -- which combines several music genres to create a new sound experience," Ursh explained, revealing that his new fauxhawk is also an extension of his new musical style. "I love that people are talking about the new hair, it represents who I am now and the creative movement of Revolutionary Pop." That's awesome, man. All major revolutions start with hairstyles. [Rap-Up]

The 'Jersey Shore' was back tonight, and Snooki let the world know that the world's favorite guidos and guidettes are here to stay. "I think everybody can do, like, at least another 20 series or something like that, because we can do this our whole lives...This is what we do, and even if we weren't getting paid, we'd still be going back to the shore and doing the same thing. So why not have cameras following us?" [MTV]