The hat wars are on. As Pharrell's famous Vivienne Westwood "mountain" hat continues to gain bids on eBay (the highest bid is at $14,500), Usher is on a mission to up the crazy hat game. The singer was recently spotted proudly wearing a furry, coonskin cap.

"Hats off to U. #howurockit," Usher shared on Instagram as the caption to a photo of himself wearing the new accessory. Selfies are obviously in season.

Not only is the singer wearing the new hat on social media -- he posed for flicks with Chris Brown and Rick Ross while donning his cold weather fashion -- Usher was also spotted rocking the hat on the streets of New York while doing promo for 'The Voice' as well as at L.A.X. airport.

Usually coonskin hats are made by using the skin and fur of a raccoon. PETA might just go after the 'Looking 4 Myself' creator if it is made from animal skin. Hopefully, Usher is wearing a fake fur piece.

Who do you think is killing the hat game -- Usher or Pharrell? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.