While former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell will be honored by VH1's Hip-Hop Honors this week, it looks like he's having a few family problems that just went viral. Campbell's daughter, Lacresha, recently posted a video to WorldStar Hip Hop blasting her father for being a deadbeat, amongst other things.

Lacresha, who was featured on her father's shortly lived reality show 'Luke's Parental Advisory,' claims that the series was all a facade masking Campbellís real relationship with his children. "He is not a good father," she said. "He's an a--hole. Let me just tell you from my opinion that show was wack and I was on it!"

Despite revealing some pretty serious details about her family life, Lacresha couldn't be more nonchalant in delivering bombshell allegations of abuse, and neglect. "Luke used to beat my mom," she continued. "Abuse? Yes. That was him. He even like shot her in the leg I think. I don't know. But still he used to beat her down 'til she couldn't even move or walk." She goes on to state that he only claims to be the father of one of his children -- possibly his youngest with wife of two years, Kristin Thompson -- while disowning his other five from previous relationships. "My little brother Luther is going through so much right now and he really needs his father and he's not there. He texts my mom and tell's [her] to send Luther to a homeless shelter! Your son needs you, you little f---er!î

As if the expletive laced video wasn't strange enough, Lacresha also takes a moment to promote an upcoming project about her life to be produced by Pink Sneakers Productions, the company behind her father's reality show. This all seems like a publicity stunt to us, but we'll keep you posted on Uncle Luke's response to his daughter's claims.