Tyrese has had an up-and-down few months. The rapper/actor just came to see duck controversy and lately, he's been embroiled in quite a bit of it. From his ongoing feud with his Fast and Furious co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to the custody fight for his daughter, Tyrese has been a fixture in the news.

The guy has always been in the middle of something on social media for the past several years. He takes his Ls and keeps on doing, well...Tyrese sh*t. He might be the most unintentionally hilarious, genuinely befuddling, and least self-aware star in Hollywood.

Don't believe us? Revisit some of his most Tyrese moments.

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    That time he auditioned for "Django Unchained"

    Tyrese really swung for the fences in trying to land the lead in Tarantino's slavery revenge western. His audition tape must be seen to be believed.

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    That time he painted Malcolm X baptizing 2Pac

    First debuting on Tyrese's classic episode of MTV Cribs, there's a lot to question about this pic: the particulars of a Muslim conducting a baptism, the misspelling of Pac's famous tattoo and--most obviously, where does he get this stuff?

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    That time he couldn't spell "actress"

    Tyrese was too eager to announce that his rich buddies Will and Jada had helped him out--despite the fact that they clearly told him not to announce it. Can't tell what's weirder: that Tyrese has to list his good friends under their profession; or that he didn't realized he'd misspelled that profession before he posted this pic on IG.

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    That time he was trying to find comedian Greg Giraldo--who'd been dead for 5 years

    Tyrese really, really needed to find Greg Giraldo. He'd been looking high and low for the comedian, and you could tell he was really getting frustrated when he posted this message. But how no one let Black Ty know that Giraldo had been dead since 2010 is just one of life's great mysteries.

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    That time he almost cost Beats a billion-dollar Apple deal

    Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's billion dollar deal with Apple wasn't official yet when a drunken Dre and a why-are-you-this-happy Tyrese took to Facebook to hype the moment. To be fair, Dre deserves some blame here, too. But of course Tyrese had to be in on the moment that almost sunk things before they ever took off.

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    That time he started a social media war with The Rock and The Rock didn't care at all.

    Tyrese's social media war with The Rock has taken place over several weeks and just gets odder and odder every time he posts. Tyrese went from accusing his Fast franchise co-star of being selfish to blaming The Rock for Tyrese's troubles with his daughter. The Rock doesn't seem to sweat any of it.

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    That time he thought Pandora was a person

    Smh...c'mon, dude.

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    That time he beefed with Ginuwine and broke up TGT

    Well, there are lotsa ways to announce the demise of your group.

    For the record; this isn't one of them.

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    That time he offered advice to "promiscuous women"

    Tyrese got into a lot of trouble earlier in 2017 when he decided to offer the above advice to women. He eventually apologized on The Breakfast Club.

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    That time he offered advice to independent women

    Just in case you thought Tyrese only had advice for promiscuous ladies--he also had this nugget of wisdom for ladies who dare to be--gasp!--independent.

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