Baby-making music extraordinaire Tyrese stopped by The BoomBox Tuesday (Feb. 14) to give all the guys looking to please their ladies on Valentine's Day some solid advice. The 'Sweet Lady' singer insists you don't have to be a ballin' Hollywood star to treat your lady to a little romance. Just follow his tips below for a romantic Valentine's evening on a budget!

"You can get some rose petals and put them on the bed and make it into the shape of a heart, and have a bow and arrow going through. And if you don't have enough money to get two dozen roses, then you take the rose petals and you chop them up with the scissors!" Tyrese instructed.

Next up, mood lighting. "Then you get some gardenia candles, because that's a scent most women tend to like. You may have a lamp, and once you turn the lamp on, it's just too bright. Then you go in the closet and get a white shirt and put it on top of the lamp, and it's nice and dim."

And don't just limit the romantic display to the bedroom, Tyrese says. "Go into the bathroom and in the tub you put rose petals all in there. You put more candles in the bathroom so that the only light in there is the candle light. And then you go and get one of those neon things that you break and it lights up at a concert [glow stick] -- not a green one, but a red one -- and you put that under the water. Now the bathtub is red with the light and the rose petals."

Now that you've set the mood with your discount decor, it's time to close the deal! "As far as your performance ... that's on you. I can't help you with the performance, that ain't none of my business!"

Tyrese also added that rather than go out to an expensive restaurant for a fancy dinner, try inviting the gourmet meal right into the comfort of your home. No, we're not talking about ordering from your go-to Chinese take-out spot. The R&B crooner says to enlist the services of a culinary student who is willing to cook for you and your lady love on the cheap!

Stay tuned for The BoomBox's extended interview with Tyrese.

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