When Tyrese brought his soulful ballads to AOL's Los Angeles studio for his very own Sessions performance, he required a little pick-me-up after a four-hour treadmill work out earlier in the day. Fortunately it was nothing a hot chocolate with not one, but two shots of espresso couldn't cure and then the debonair singer-actor settled in to begin his five-song set, including tracks from his latest disc Open Invitation and old favorites like "Sweet Lady."

When it comes to perfecting his sound, Tyrese is all business, as evidenced by this sneak peek of his exclusive performance. Find out what he pulls out as a "source of R&B strength" in the clip below.

Check back in with The BoomBox Tuesday (July 10) to watch his entire set and our one-on-one interview.

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video of Tyrese's Sessions Performance

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