Tyler, the Creator probably deserves to get pranked, so that's exactly what Bam Margera and MTV's newly resurrected "Punk'd" did. In a brand new episode of the celebrity shenanigans show, Tyler is coaxed into signing his autograph on a food truck that will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charity.

Little does the Odd Future frontman know things are about to go terribly wrong. After he makes himself a taco on Wee-Man's truck -- he's a "Jackass" veteran -- the vehicle explodes into a raging ball of fire. A man close to the truck is covered in flames and he runs away from the scene.

Most people would be afraid at this point, but Tyler whips out his camera phone and begins to film the fiasco. However, when a "charity" official accuses the hip-hop kid of igniting the fire, things gets real.

"I can't go to jail if I f---ed up, right?" Tyler says as firefighters put out the smoldering truck.