Viceland is continuing its attempt to solidify its place as frontrunner for cutting-edge television. The network, which is just six months old and is owned by A&E, has announced that now Tyler the Creator will be getting his own show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, the network will be delving into late night talk with Desus & MeroThe two gained fame from their popular, hilarious podcast, The Bodega Boys and web show Desus vs. Mero. Their talk show is set to premiere in October, and will take on current events and culture-at-large.

As for Tyler, his series will be based on a show from the rapper's Golf Media App. The project hails from Whalerock Industries, the production company behind the Kardashians' mobile empire. No word yet on when it will air.

"As we expand the talent pool, we’ll need to grow as a network, experimenting with genre and formats,"president of programming Nick Weidenfeld, told THR. "There are no rules at Viceland, which makes it the most exciting place to work."

Viceland is also home to Michael K. Williams' (Omar from The Wire) gripping, documentary-style series, Black Market, which explores underground economies in America and around the world. Eddie Huang also will have a second season of his popular show, Huang’s World, renewed. With Tyler added to the mix, it'll be interesting to see how the network continues to evolve.

Watch the first episode of Viceland's Black Market with Michael K. Williams below.


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