Two year old Khaliyl Iloyi is an internet sensation, stunning YouTube viewers with his gift for gab, rhythm and flow. The rapping toddler spits, "gaga goo goo gon gada," in perfect time with fellow U.K. wordsmith Alim Kamara, all while donning a stylish pajama onesie.

The video featuring Khaliyl has been viewed more than a half million times but the success is no surprise to his family. His father, Femi Iloyi aka Smooflow, is a rapper and his older brother Kieyen was a YouTube hit himself rapping at the age of 3.

While his baby-like sounds may not be coherent, it's still mighty impressive especially when he includes the signature hand gestures and head bob made famous by hip-hop legends.

The video was shot by Khaliyl's dad, who describes his son's rap debut as "such a great moment" to ABC News.

"At the age of four months, Khaliyl started showing signs of interest in music, making noises to songs that we played," Femi Iloyi said. "At around 9 months, his timing and ability was very clear.

"He continued to show us the joy he felt when listening to music and was able to choose his favorite songs by expressing noises or pointing," he added.

Be sure to check out the tiny rhymer who brings "poppin' bottles" to a whole new level in the video below!

Watch Two-Year-Old Khaliyl Iloyi Rap

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