If you're a hip-hop fan, you know the genre is far from one-dimensional. Whether it's Macklemore or Ice Cube, Talib Kweli or Sir Mix-A-Lot, Kendrick Lamar or Insane Clown Posse, there's an artist to fit the interest of every kind of rap supporter.

Horrorcore has a place as well and Detroit duo Twiztid have been bringing their hardcore sounds to the masses since the late '90s. With more than 20 releases to their name, Twiztid are preparing to release their latest project, 'The Darkness,' in 2015.

Madrox and Monoxide take it back to their roots on the new album, listening to the sounds of their first effort, 'Mostasteless,' for inspiration. 'The Darkness' is a product of reinvention and storytelling, all with hip-hop flavor. Seven, Jake One, Fritz the Cat and the Dead Beatz all lend production support to the LP.

Take a look at the cover of 'The Darkness' album to get a sense of where this pair is headed.

Don’t be left in “the dark," visit Loudwire, our partner site, to see the tracklist. 'The Darkness' arrives Jan. 27, 2015, and pre-order starts Black Friday at twiztid-shop.com.

Watch Twiztid's Trailer for 'The Darkness' Album

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