Tupac Shakur was a man of many ideas. Some obviously pertained to music, some pertained to acting and some to social justice, and now folks will get to experience an idea he had for a restaurant.

It was something the legendary rapper thought about before he died, and he even constructed a menu for it. In just a few days, from April 7 to April 9, the The Estate of Tupac Shakur will open the Powamekka Café in New York City, the place that Pac probably would've opened if he were alive.

The new eatery will take over the restaurant Sweet Chick on the Lower East Side and offer some of the rapper's favorite foods like meatloaf gumbo and his cousin Jamala's special fried chicken that he he adored. There will also be photos of Shakur throughout the establishment, and folks will get to hear his poetry as well.

"Tupac's creative vision was limitless," said Tom Whalley, the trustee of The Estate of Tupac Shakur. "He was constantly working on ideas and plans that reached far beyond music or film. One of the things he was extremely passionate about was opening a restaurant ... We are proud to bring Tupac's Powamekka Café to life."

Below are some photos of a Powamekka Café pop-up that took place in Fresno, Calif. last year.

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