Before Tupac Shakur’s untimely death, the late rapper was prolific in the studio. So much so that, as part of his deal with Death Row Records, he was required to write songs for artists on the label, including MC Hammer. Thanks to the internet, we can now hear the 2Pac-penned song, “Too Tight.”

The song was written for MC Hammer’s only planned album during his brief tenure on the label, the 1996 project Too Tight, which Death Row never released. According to Hammer, after 2Pac's death he bounced from the label as he tried to cope with the loss of his dear friend.

During the recording session, Shakur was in the studio recording reference tracks for Hammer and another song, “Too Late Playa,” for Big Daddy Kane. On “Too Tight,” MC Hammer spits braggadocios rhymes over a mellow G-Funk groove with whining synthesizers and melodic keyboards.

“I caught some playa-hatin' punks talkin' about my style / I’m gettin' money doing this for a while / But immature square using bad grammar / I hit the city and they screamin’ ‘You da man Hammer!’ / Holla if you understand me,” he raps.

The song is your typical bravado rap of the late '90s. Think "Pumps and a Bump" but bit more gangsta.

Listen to MC Hammer's Song "Too Tight" (Written by Tupac Shakur)

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