Troy Ave is full of surprises. On Friday (Feb. 11), the embattled rapper appeared in a New York courtroom wearing a bulletproof vest and a hat that promoted cooking crack cocaine.

According to New York Daily News, the Brooklyn rhymer arrived at his hearing dressed in a floor length fur coat and wearing a bulletproof vest.

On top of that, Troy Ave wore a red-colored baseball cap with python skin on the brim that reads “Bake Water Whip Weight Again,” which references how to cook crack cocaine. It's also a wink and a nod to President Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Oh, and the cap is available for sale at his official website for $200. We got to give it to Troy Ave, he's always in business mode - for better or for worst.

Despite that distraction, the BSB Records leader had a good court appearance as well. At the hearing, a judge lifted his bail restrictions just a tad and allowed him to travel for tour and to spend time with his kids.

The judge agreed to let Troy Ave travel out of state but he must perform at venues that have strict security measures. Troy Ave will also have to submit to a pat down before he enters a club and inform the Manhattan District Attorney of his travel plans. Troy must also continue to wear his GPS ankle bracelet.

“We are very happy that he’s going to have the opportunity to tour, because it’s really the core of his business model as a performer,” Troy’s lawyer, John Stella, told BOSSIP. “Without doing the shows, he doesn’t have the same amount of record sales. He’s extremely excited to be able to put the green light on his people booking shows and getting out there and working.”

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