A Louisiana state appeals court has reinstated attempted murder charges against Trill Entertainment managers, Melvin Vernell Jr., and Marcus Roach. The two, both 37, are charged in the 2005 shooting of local rapper Bruce "Beelow" Moore. Lawyers for both men have announced that they will appeal the ruling with the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Moore was shot in the face at point blank range on July 4, outside of the Shop Smart Music and Fashion store he owned. According to reports, the altercation stemmed from Moore allegedly bootlegging the work of artists on the Trill Entertainment label.

Although the men were charged not long after the shooting, a witness requested that the charges be dismissed in 2006. A judge ruled that prosecutors waited too long to move forward with a trial for the men, when they refiled in 2009. However, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 2-year statute of limitation began in 2009 after the latest charges, which include second-degree murder, armed robbery, illegal use of weapons and aggravated battery, were filed against the men.

"In this case, there is no evidence that the district attorney was avoiding the time limitation for commencement of trial or was flaunting his authority at the expense of the defendant," Circuit Judge Jeff Hughes, one of three judges ruling on the case, wrote for the panel on Wednesday. "The two-year time limitation for commencement of trial cannot continue to run under a prosecution that no longer exists. Rather, this time period began to run anew with the filing of a new bill of information."

Trill Entertainment, based in Baton Rouge, La., was founded by the late Pimp C in 2005. Fellow Trill artist, Lil' Boosie is currently in prison on first-degree murder charges stemming from a separate incident.

Watch Lil' Boosie's 'Better Believe It'
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