It looks like Houston rapper/producer Travis Scott has been watching way too much 'American Horror Story' lately as his new video for 'Uptown' featuring A$AP Ferg ventures into creepy territory.

Featuring a sedated, seemingly possessed Scott and a band of burly murderers, the video depicts the rapper as some type of aloof, chain-smoking, supernatural menace. After a few minutes of suggestive gyrations in a room where most of the objects (including a woman's body) are covered up in drop cloths and sheets we get La Flame flashing back to events of the night before.

His killer goons trash a convenience store, kidnap an apparently wealthy couple, and Scott seduces a young woman with simply his touch. Their first date becomes a macabre affair as the two sit down for dinner by the light of a flaming rose while Scott's minions literally butcher their captives -- who are apparently on the menu as the main course. Oh yeah, Ferg also appears in the video to deliver his verse in inverted black and white.

What does all of this horrorcore stuff have to do with the song? We have no idea. But if you're down for an eight-minute excursion into the dark and peculiar watch the clip above.