Travis Scott told a bunch of too-cool-for-school VIP people to put down their cell phones and watch his show. It was something he uttered while standing on top of a huge bird, and it seems like he either brought those people with him or gave them special access.

"Yo, all you n----- that are with me that are behind the gate, y'all n----- can take y'all ass home, or y'all can go back there and watch the show," he said. "Y'all don't get no VIP motherf------ show, texting on your phone ... Take your motherf------ ass out of here ... None of y'all n----- got no b----- / ... Put your phones up. Let's get it."

During his speech, you could hear a good number of people applauding. La Flame has been busy as of late. He recently appeared in videos for DJ Khaled's "On Everything" and the song "It's Secured" with Nas. Travis also dropped a cool video for his cut "Butterfly Effect," and he'll be playing at the Day N Night Festival along with other huge artists on the weekend of September 8.

Hopefully, no one in the crowd will text while he's on stage there, especially those in VIP. You can see the video of Scott blasting those people at his show above.

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