Travis Scott has been feeling more than generous lately, and he's been treating his most hardcore fans like royalty for all of their support. Just last week, the Houston rapper gave away one of his rings to a dedicated fan who jumped off of a venue balcony in NYC into a mosh pit below, which unfortunately resulted in two of his legs being broken. Now, Scott has given away another one of his rings, but this time it was for a much more rational reason.

While performing at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami this past weekend (May 7), the "Goosebumps" entertainer performed his "3500" record for the packed crowd. One fan in particular, was singing along to every word of the track, intriguing Travis who then handed him the microphone. Once he sang every word to the record for the crowd, Scott went ahead and gifted him with a ring, which he told the fan was actually one of his favorites in his collection. Following the gift exchange, Scott then takes the microphone back and continues with his set, while the fan shows off the ring.

There's no word on whether the two fans who received rings will be looking to sell the items for a large profit, but it's clear that they'll never be able to forget their experiences at the two wild shows.

Check out the footage of Travis Scott giving away another ring to a dedicated fan below.


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