Still deeply embroiled in a bitter dispute with Houston radio station 97.9 The Box, Trae Tha Truth has revealed unreleased recordings of deceased rapper Pimp C, which he claims will work to discredit the radio station manager who has banned his music from the air.

In an on-air interview with Shade 45's Angela Yee on September 21, Trae played the recording, during which an angry Pimp C alleges The Box station manager Terri Thomas had attempted to strong arm UGK into performing, by threatening to report him to his parole officer.

"B----, you can't never think ...You gon' ever think young Pimp gon' come somewhere for free and open up for some n----. Man, you got me f---ed all the way up," Pimp C blusters in the audio, which can be heard here. "That b---- threatened to send me back to the penitentiary maybe, cause I told her I wouldn't open up for Baby and [Lil] Wayne. Now, I love Baby and Wayne but do you think UGK supposed to open up for anybody in the city of Houston?"

Trae has been involved in a lengthy battle with the radio station, after a shooting at his annual Trae Day event in 2009 led to his music being banned from airplay. "It's an eye-opener," Trae said of the Pimp C audio. "It did exactly what I thought it was gon' do. A lot of people don't know that these situations occur or how serious it really is. When you hearing it from me, it's one thing, but when you hearing it from Pimp that's another thing. It shows that this ain't a one-time thing."

According to Trae, the new audio is only a precursor to his forthcoming 'Can't Ban Tha Truth' mixtape, which he claims will further expose the behind-the-scenes "reverse payola" going on at The Box. "They ain't responded to one comment, one blogger, to one writer, period," Trae said of the accusations he's made against the station. "They trying to just ignore it...I'm not gon' stop. I ain't never been a quitter, I've always been a fighter."

Trae's 'Can't Ban Tha Truth' mixtape will be released on September 28. RIP Pimp C.