There have been a lot of innovative story-telling music videos released from artists in the last year, but Toro Y Moi might take the cake with his latest set of visuals. The South Carolina native just dropped the video to his "Omaha" record, which sees him pushing the limits on his own life.

The video shows Moi sitting in a bathtub, attempting to hold his breath under water as a Rube Goldberg machine works throughout the rest of the household. As viewers realize that the singer is attempting to commit suicide, he eventually wakes up from the nightmare bloodied in the middle of a mysterious road.

The eerie visuals were directed by Justin Morris, and show a series of colorful backdrops as the vocalist goes through the emotions. Fortunately, the video has a positive ending, despite the scary attempt at taking his own life.

Toro recently teamed up with twin-brother jazz duo the Mattson 2 to drop their collaborative album Star Stuff earlier this year. Watch what happens to the singer in the visuals for "Omaha" above.


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