'Harry Potter's Tom Felton -- aka school bully-turned-full-fledged-villain Draco Malfoy -- is set to make a career change and try his hand at the hip-hop game now that the fantastical film franchise is finally a wrap.

"I was thinking of doing some N-Dubz-style stuff," Felton told UK's the Sun. "I am looking to get into the grime rap UK scene," he continued.

With tonight's (July 11) US premiere of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II,' the 23-year-old actor is hanging up his cape, turning in his wand and going for a whole new look. "I'm going to change my image - backward caps, the lot," Felton revealed.

While Tom is not a newbie to music in general -- he has recorded a number of pop-rock songs and uploaded videos onto his YouTube page of himself strumming an acoustic guitar and singing along -- rapping is a whole other animal.

But if you were sippin' the Slytherin Kool-Aid and became fond of Felton's on-screen performances, despair not! Tom's new venture doesn't mean he's quitting acting. He has already scored a leading role in 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes,' alongside James Franco and will star in the upcoming thriller 'The Apparition.'

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