TLC's Chilli has documented her problem finding true romance on her VH1 reality show 'What Chilli Wants,' but has a surprising history with the King of Pop. The Atlanta singer recently recalled meeting Michael Jackson back in the day, and revealed that he not only planted a kiss on her once, but twice.

"Don't nobody talk about Mike. That is my husband," she said during a pajama party at Darp Studios. "We kissed twice on the lips, thank you. Excuse me. The first time I met Michael Jackson we hugged. He was not going for the lips at first. He went here and I just went like that, I then I got half the lips."

Though she didn't find true love with MJ the first time, she managed to steal another kiss from him after he recognized her during another chance encounter. "The last time I was around him, he grabbed my face and said, 'I know that face!' He grabbed me and kissed me right on the lip," she said with a giggle.

And while she claimed she's not "easy," she wouldn't have minded giving the fallen legend a little extra something. "Y'all know I don't be kissing people like that but I woulda tongued him down," she exclaimed. "And I'm not easy girl but I woulda been a sure thing."

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