Timbaland continues to keep the memory of Aaliyah alive through his music and the artists he works with. The super-producer and Chicago native Tink pay homage to the singer and her '90s hit “One in a Million” with a new track simply titled “Million.”

Tink and Timbo delivered the song via iTunes on Monday (May 11). The effort features a sample of Aaliyah singing, “Your love is one in a million," on the hook before Tink offers smooth rhymes and sweet harmonies with ease. "Your love's like my drug, I can't live without it / That's just what you do to me boy / For your love I'd proudly climb a mountain / 'Cause that's just what you do to me boy / You are, yeah, yeah, you are / One in a million, one in a million, one in a million to me," she sings.

While the beat is updated thanks to the genius that is Timbaland, the track is the perfect bridge between old and new school R&B.

The “Ratchet Commandments” rhymer first teased the track three days ago in a snippet posted to her Instagram account. “New Music! Monday on iTunes! #Million Prod. @timbaland A tribute to the legend herself, Aaliyah. 5/11,” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

“One in a Million” arrived in 1996 and was one of Aaliyah’s biggest hits, topping the Billboard charts for nearly two months, which was one of her longest runs at the top.

An Aaliyah tribute song from Tink was destined to happen sooner or later. In 2014, Timbaland told Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club that Tink’s forthcoming project is his best work since Aaliyah’s platinum sophomore album, One in a Million.

Do you think Tink did Aaliyah’s classic justice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Listen to Tink's "Million"

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