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Five years ago, Tiffany Evans was a 14-year-old R&B newcomer with piping vocals, singing about young love on her song "Promise Ring."

Now the 19-year-old is done with the play stuff and is re-emerging into the limelight with a wedding ring -- she's been married for two years -- and promoting her emotional, self-penned new single, "If You Love Me," off her upcoming EP Take 1.

"Pretty much the EP has a soulful direction, funky, but it's still R&B, and I kinda wanted to give more with that and show more who I am as an artist, musically," she tells The BoomBox. "This is also the first time releasing a project on my own, without a label or company. And it's just kind of re-introducing myself to the world."

Last year she parted ways with Columbia Records and Music World Entertainment founder Mathew Knowles and is now releasing music under her own entertainment company, Little Lady Entertainment. In addition, Evans is working on video production and directing under her new imprint.

"I think the advantage I have with going through my own company and wearing my CEO hat, is a lot of these things I'm learning on my own," she shares. "And I'm learning the business side of the industry. And that's very very big to me."

Not only is the young artist polishing her business acumen, she is also preparing for motherhood. Evans recently revealed in an interview that she is married and that she and her husband, Lorenzo would be expecting a baby girl soon.

The couple crossed paths while working on separate projects and subsequently became close friends.

"We were friends for a very long time and we just started communicating and you know building a relationship and getting to know each other and then it just took off from there," Evans admits.

When asked if they had any names picked out for the coming baby, the Bronx, N.Y., native says, "We actually have a name, but we're not going to say anything just yet. But it's very pretty and it's very different, very exotic, and that's what I wanted."

Evans made the recent decision to reveal her marriage and pregnancy because she did not want to be misunderstood.

"I just wanted to wait for the right time for people to know and just to make sure that I was ready to reveal those things," she continues. "And that's what I did."

Before the release of her Take 1 EP, Tiffany Evans will debut a series of webisodes documenting her journey while creating the project.

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