An aspiring rapper named Thugga was shot and killed at a rap video shoot in Chicago on Tuesday (April 19).

According to WGN News, the video shoot turned deadly when a gunman opened fire killing Thugga, whose real name is Damond A. Dawson, and injuring four people. One person, who was reportedly shot nine times, drove himself to the hospital.

According to Chicago police news affairs officer Ronald Gaines, the group was filming at around 2AM when someone bumrushed the set and started shooting. Although filming was in progress, none of the cameras caught the shooting as it was happening.

Authorities say that Thugga was shot in the back of the head and pronounced dead on the scene. The 23-year-old rhymer was part of a group but was not taking part in the rap video. Ironically, the song being filmed is called "2 techs and a 50 shot."

According to the deceased rapper’s aunt, despite his rap alias, Thugga was not involved in gang life.

“He was a good guy, he wasn’t into gang-banging,” she said. “He didn’t bother nobody, he didn’t shoot nobody,” she told WGN News.

Police have no suspects at this time.

We want to send our deepest condolences to Dawson’s family and friends.

Again, we sound like a broken record when we state this, but it bears repeating: We must stop the violence and increase the peace.

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