Less than 24 hours after the release of the highly-anticipated new Michael Jackson song 'This Is It,' singer-songwriter Paul Anka is throwing some dirt on the track by claiming that the King of Pop did not actually write the song. Furthermore, Anka claims that Jackson's estate confirms his claims and apologize for "ripping off my song."

It was originally reported by TMZ that Anka says 'This Is It' is actually a 1983 track he wrote with Jackson, which was recorded as 'I Never Heard.' According to TMZ, Anka has been in talks with John McClain, the co-Special Administrator for Jackson's estate. Anka says McClain apologized for the alleged snafu, saying "Michael couldn't have written this song alone. It's not his style."

While Anka's claims, and the way in which he's expressing them, may be in poor taste, Sony executive Rob Stringer admits that it's not clear who owns the song. "I really have no idea what the origins of the song are," Stringer told the New York Times.

Check out the song here.