As Miss Rap Supreme continues to heat up, we thought we'd check in on last year's (White) Rapper Show winner $hamrock, and runner up John Brown. Actually we tried to reach out to other alums, but got dissed by bigtime rappers like Dasit (who?).

"The show made me an instant celebrity...It took me from living in poverty to middle class. Seeing how I was working two jobs and hustling on the side to pursue music, the show could very well be credited with STARTING my career, $ham humbly said when asked about his life since winning the Caucasian themed reality show.

As for his day-to-day, the ATL rapper has been "Grindin! I record music daily as the flagship artist for G.E. Ent, an indie upstart from Atlanta, GA. We got the first single "Entourage" on Atlanta radio." He goes on to explain "My debut album, 'Worst 2 First,' is completed and we're shopping for the perfect situation."

Ghetto Revivalist John Brown has also been hard at work. He most recently released a digital EP, a Big Mike hosted mixtape and two new videos, "Keg Party," and Game dis "Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin.'" The King of da 'Burbz has also been "doing shows and recording new material for new mixtapes and albums. I'm currently wrapping up a mixtape called "King Brown", which features me rhyming on all Eminem instrumentals."

He considers the show "a positive experience because it heightened my presence and allowed me to express to a huge audience what Ghetto Revival had been building for years leading up to the show." He adds that "it's truly staggering the amount of people who tuned in and took away the marketing I was spreading. Everyday I run into someone who says "Ghetto Revival", "King of the Burbz!" or "Hallelujah Holla Back"!! Mass media is crazy."

Finally, Brown wisely urges "anyone who is considering to do a show to make sure it's about something they love and try to dictate the show and not let the show dictate you."

No one knows this better than Vanilla Ice fan and WRS alum G-Child, who warns on her Myspace page: "Bartenders will smile and tell you, "It's on the house." It'll be awesome......THEN ONCE OFF THE AIR YOU STAND ALONE AND WAIT [sic] FOT YOUR NEXT SHOT."

And there you have it kids, the free drinks only last as long as you're on TV.