The Weeknd just blessed his fans with an extended remix of "Tell Your Friends," with verses from Kanye West, Drake, Ghostface Killah and Nas.

Plus, he released a mashup called "Secret Passionfruit, where the singer's "Secrets" is combined with Drizzy's "Passionfruit." All of this is to launch the new XO Soundcloud channel, which will house rare songs, remixes and other never-heard-before gems.

On the "Tell Your Friends" remix, Mr. Tesfaye pulled the rapper's words from older verses and past performances but incorporated everything seamlessly. As for "Secret Passionfruit," you might've heard it already when OVO Sound Radio premiered it a while back but if not, you can check it out here, as well as the "Tell Your Friends" remix.

Hopefully, we'll be hearing more new stuff on the new XO SoundCloud channel soon.

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