The Underachievers just unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming project 'The Lords of Flatbush.'

While the features have not been announced, the production credits have been unveiled, and has been previously reported, the majority of the production comes from Lex Luger, with some assists from Erick Arc Elliott of the Flatbush Zombies and EFF.DOPE. The project will be concise at eight tracks, and does not include 'The Proclamation', which just came out recently.

1. Leaving Scraps
2. Flexing
3. Cold Crush
4. Still Shining
5. Fake Fans
6. Melody Of The Free
7. Ain’t Shit
8. Nasa

Fans of The Underachievers cite their conscious lyrics and their mellow production, prominent on their debut mixtape, 'Indigoism.' How will the trap stylings of Lex Luger match their aesthetic? This should be a very intriguing project.