The Underachievers deliver some fittingly laid-back new visuals for their 'Lords of Flatbush' track 'N.A.S.A.' In case you were wondering, it stands for 'New Age Stoners Anthem.'

With a title like that, you can't really expect the Brooklyn duo to do much more than enjoy, well, the stoner life. That means you'll see shots of them sitting on a stoop enjoying a beer or two, posting up on a couch to play X-Box 360 with their friends, and, of course, partake in plenty of weed smoking.

Some YouTube commenters expressed disappointment in the video, citing their hopes that more had been done visually with one of the best tracks on 'The Lords of Flatbush.' But that same sentiment goes in line with what people were expecting from the tape itself, which one half of the group (Issa Gold) explained was their means of providing a series of bangers to their fans. Also, you can't overlook the fact that the subtle psychedelic touches to 'N.A.S.A.' make it more than just, you know, your typical rappers-hanging-out-with-their-friends music video.

You can watch the video above.