New Underachievers material will drop next year, but for now, fans can enjoy watching the Brooklyn, N.Y., duo's escapades in Paris. Issa Gold and AK bring it back to their 'Indigoism' project to showcase the visual for 'Leopard Shepherd.'

The video has a similar tone to 'The Mahdi,' in which the duo basically raps and hangs out in various locales. Only this time they're doing it big by the Eiffel Tower while some female friends tag along for the ride. Issa Gold co-directed the clip along with Paris's FlowMotion.

After releasing 'The Lords of Flatbush' mixtape in August, the Underachievers are working on their debut album for a 2014 release. Issa Gold has said the album will feature "all the lyrical conscious expanding knowledge filled magical triple optic s---" that was more prevalent in 'Indigoism.'