A member of the West Coast rap trio The Rej3ctz is behind bars after he was caught stealing Friday (April 25).

Jovan Clayton, known as Pee Wee, is accused of stealing more than $2,000 worth of items inside 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles. Apparently the rapper was caught taking the content's of a woman's purse -- cell phones according to TMZ -- and even stole liquor from the club.

After someone called 911, L.A. County Sheriff's deputies put him in handcuffs and took him to jail where he is being held on $20,000 bail.

TMZ caught up with the 'Cat Daddy' artist as he was being escorted to a police car. "Do you know how to dougie?" the cameraman asked Clayton as he was lead away in handcuffs by cops. "Do I know how to cat daddy? That's the question." Clayton responded.

The Rej3ctz's song 'Cat Daddy' put them on hip-hop's radar in 2010, due to the popularity of the accompanying dance -- just imagine moving your arms like you're pushing the wheels on a wheelchair and dropping it low. The video for the track, which also featured Chris Brown, was a viral hit. Today, the visual has more than 13 million views on YouTube. Model Kate Upton drew even more attention to the song when she demonstrated the dance -- in a teeny tiny bikini -- during a photo shoot with photographer Terry Richardson.