The Muppets love them some hip-hop. Just take a look at this video created by YouTube user Is This How You Go Viral.

In the short clip, old footage from 'The Muppets Show,' which aired during the '70s and '80s, is combined with Naughty By Nature's 1993 hit 'Hip Hop Hooray.'

Kermit plays the part of Vin Rock and Fozzie Bear plays Treach, as each character's mouth is edited to look like they're actually rapping the lyrics of the classic tune.

Other beloved Muppets like Ms. Piggy and Beaker play the background, filling in the ad libs, making the video even funnier. Even late jazz great Lena Horne shows up, as footage of her appearance on the prime-time children's show also made the cut.

The video creator also used the famed puppets to perform the Beastie Boys' 1992 single 'So What'cha Want,' off their third studio album, 'Check Your Head.' Check it out below.

Watch the Muppets Perform the Beastie Boys' 'So What'cha Want'

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