The reggae-influenced hip-hop beats of the Lytics are back in full force for their new song "Ring My Alarm" accompanied by a washed-out video of the group riding ice-cream carts around abandoned lots and suburb streets.

The five-man group from Winnipeg cite influences like Mos Def and A Tribe Called Quest, but also dig into funk, Afrobeat and R&B inspirations for their raw, rhyme-slinging music. The group is composed of three brothers, their cousin, and a good friend, so their ties run deep.

Andrew Sannie, one of the crew's emcees talks about the concept for the song as an amalgam of several genres. "The song itself is a creative mixture of reggae dub and lo-fi old-school hip-hop influences," Sannie tells The Boombox.

The video was directed by Mike Maryniuk, who Sannie says used a combination of film and unconventional techniques to give the video an artistic feel.

"Equally creative is director Mike Maryniuk's music video, basing the concept off the disc's album art, Maryniuk combines digital high-definition video with 16mm and super 8mm film to create a unique visual experience. Maryniuk's use of unconventional editing like cutting and re gluing, pin pricking and acid washing film results in a video that walks a fine line between a commercial release, and visual art exhibit," he says.

Watch them goof off in the video below and pick up their new album They Told Me.

Watch The Lytics Video

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