As New Orleans-repping, Hollywood-residing alt rap duo The Knux prep their sophomore LP 'Eraser' on Interscope Records, the producing/rapping/singing siblings have released a visual for their single, 'Run,' which features Kid Cudi.

The quick moving BBGun-directed clip depicts a dark, drug riddled day in the life of a working model, with the poppy guitar-powered tune as its upbeat soundtrack. The NSFW video begins with a topless woman awakening face-down on a white couch, then follows the course of her day as she hustles to a photo shoot with a sexually aggressive photographer, downs martinis with a rich film producer, rails lines of cocaine with a female friend, hops a cab into an exclusive bar, where she wilds out, makes out then passes out, face down on the couch again.

The Knux 'Eraser' is scheduled for a Sept. 27 release, and features appearances by J*Davey, Black Miller, Natalia Kills and Kid Cudi, with production entirely handled by The Knux.

For more info on the rhyme team, check out their Twitter here and Facebook here.

Watch The Knux 'Run' Feat. Kid Cudi

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