As the Incomparable Shakespeare continues to promote his 'By Any Dreams Necessary' mixtape, he decided to add his poetic flavor and remixing skills to Jetta’s soaring ballad 'Feels Like Coming Home.'

For those who don't know, Jetta is a pop vocalist from London who made waves last year with her bombastic anthem 'Start a Riot' and the piano-driven 'Feels Like Coming Home.'

On Shake's remix, the Brooklyn rhymer offers encouraging words to the dreamers searching for a better situation amid the poverty and strife in the 'hood.

"Nothing in this world worth having will come easily / I know most of y’all could agree with me / Seemingly, life could change from a split second / You could go from poor to having a hit record (real talk)," he raps.

Jetta brings it home (pun intended) on the chorus/bridge singing, "It’s hard for the dreamers / The cities never sleeping / But we're gonna make it / Although we don't know how."

Listen to the Incomparable Shakespeare's Song 'Coming Home (Remix)'