Leonard Long. You may not know the name but you do know the face. He’s currently the most hated guy in America after his appearance in the viral video #HurtBae where he told his ex-girlfriend Kourtney calmly and matter-of-factly that he cheated on her numerous times while they were together.

Long ended up looking like a cad for his emotionless interview with Kourtney. We are quite sure his DMs are filled with straight slander. But now Long, who goes by the hashtag #HonestBae, is speaking out about his role in breaking Kourtney's heart.

In an interview with vlog channel Krispyshorts, Long acknowledges his wrongdoing in hurting Kourtney but he maintains that he's a changed man.

"I was at times a bad guy and I don't discount the pain that I cause Kourtney, but I'm grown from that and I'm on to bigger and better things," he said.

Long also revealed that the events described in the #HurtBae video happened three years ago--so it wasn't recent, as many people are speculating.

He also adds that most of the infidelity happened after they were separated, which explains why Kourtney cried and ran out the room when she caught him in the bed with another girl. Long seems to suggest that she was constantly stalking him after their breakup.

Long also wouldn't answer on how many times he did cheat on her. When asked if he would ever cheat in a relationship again, he responded, "I feel like the world will never let me cheat again."

"I know I'm the most hated man in America but I promised i'm not the same guy," he added. "I've changed."

Hmmmm. But before the close of the interview, a smirking Long says to the camera: "I made that bitch faaaamous," echoing Kanye West's famous lyric.

Watch the 16-minute video above and tell us what do you think of #HonestBae. We also included the viral video below to for your perusal.

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