The Game just released a tribute song to every mother including his own and the late Afeni Shakur with "Mama." The “El Chapo” rapper shows us his sensitive side and salutes mothers around the world just in time for Mother’s Day.

“Mama” features R&B vocals by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sonyae and production by Streetrunner and Tarik Azouzz. On the song, the Game raps, "We ain’t s--- without our mamas” and explains that everyone from Tupac Shakur to President Obama would not be who they are without their mothers.

The Compton rhymer revisits his upbringing rapping, “When we was lil ass kids, fall in the dirt, you call your mama / Now you bout’ to get merked, screaming for your mama / And when it’s on, funeral home / There go your mama, wish you brought your ass home and left the drama alone / I had my mama waiting by the window/Coming home three in the morning smelling like into / And even though we had some long nights, we was friends though/Got my name from you mama, playing Nintendo.”

Drawing on Pac’s "Brenda’s Got a Baby" and "Dear Momma" as well as the Spinners' "Sweet Sadie," the Game raps, “A man can’t have a baby on his own / and even if that man leave a mom staying strong."

The Game concludes with hopes that he “beats his momma to the dirt” because after all “we ain’t s--- without our mamas.”

Listen to Game's Afeni Shakur and Mother's Day Tribute Song "Mama"