If you've been following the music industry over the last decade, you already know that earning a platinum record (one million sold) takes a perfect combination of hits, hype and marketing. Going diamond, which is selling 10 million, is nearly unthinkable outside of legacy artists such as Michael Jackson. Yet Eminem somehow has done it again. The ever-popular Detroit rapper just scored his second diamond disc with 2002's 'The Eminem Show' nearly a decade after it was originally released.

The RIAA confirms the diamond certification for the disc as of March 7, 2011. Em, real name Marshall Mathers, also scored a diamond record for his breakout 'Marshall Mathers LP,' which was released back in 2000. His next closest, 'Encore,' sits around 7 million sold, while his most recent effort 'Recovery' is inching closer to 4 million total sales in less than a year.

'The Eminem Show,' the rapper's fourth solo LP, features hits like 'Without Me,' 'Cleanin' Out My Closet' and the Aerosmith-sampling 'Sing for the Moment.' It also featured a more reflexive and lighthearted persona for the rapper. While previous efforts had focused on how the outside world had messed-up Em's life outlook, 'The Eminem Show' was his first disc to really examine the concept of celebrity and what it was like to live inside the mind of America's most controversial rapper at the time.

Watch Eminem's 'Without Me' from 'The Eminem Show'
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