In what can only be described as an insanely offensive incident, two Lamar High School teenagers were photographed in blackface with one of them supposedly dressed as the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

According to, the photo shows a young female student in blackface pretending to be 2Pac. The picture was taken last weekend in Houston during an off-campus costume party put on by a sorority with no direct ties to Lamar High School.

The photos are causing an uproar on social media. Students from Lamar High School are understandably upset.

"I thought it was blackface and I was immediately offended," said senior student Ogechi Anene to "She was supposed to be Tupac. If you were to impersonate a black person even as a costume I don't think it's appropriate to wear black paint on your skin."

The incident, which was captured off of a Snapchat video, happened off campus. Rumor has it that it was an initiation process for a not-so-secret club, Wichaka, crafted by the students of Lamar High School. Others say it was a costume party and the unnamed student in question was assigned 2Pac as her inspiration.

“I just feel like it was greatly misinterpreted,” said one partygoer, Wahid Fady. “It was interpreted in a racist manor, which it wasn’t intended to be. And social media has a tendency to boost these things to make them go viral.”

According to's video, another student had black paint on her face with the caption: "black n-----s." But students are adamant that it was not out of malicious intent.

"It's not anything with blackface, we didn't even know what blackface was," said senior student Reagan Shadwick who was not at the party but claims to be friends with the party's organizers. "It was supposed to be a shadow they asked her to bring a black shirt and that happened to be the shirt she was wearing."

What do you think about this high-school student using blackface and dressing up as Tupac Shakur? Tell us in the comments below.

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