Since her triumphant win on season five of The Voice in 2013, Tessanne Chin has been on fire -- musically speaking. The Jamaica-born singer has performed for President Barack Obama -- not too many artists have ever had that honor -- and toured all over the world. In 2014, the 29-year-old singer's dreams came to fruition in the form of her major label debut album, Count on My Love, which featured the power pop ballad, "Everything Reminds Me of You.”

Now Chin is back with the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced “Fire.” The song is a soulful girl power anthem, in which she kicks her no good lover to the curb. In the accompanying video, Chin delivers sass and soul while supported by a live band, all while serving her empowering lyrics. "Ladies don't forget who you are / Don't you ever stop believing just keep raising the bar / And no matter who can see it, keep your goods in the jar," she sings.

And as for her guy, well, she burned his clothes. "You're playing with fire / Hot just like an oven / You played with my lovin' / It's gon' cost you something," Chin belts out.

Watch the singer at work in her video for "Fire" above and get to know more about the inspiration for the visual below.

What inspired the message for "Fire"?

Really, the song came about in such an organic way. I was in studio with Justice League and a few writers, Balewa and Perry. They started playing piano and it had this soulful feel to it and it brought me back to some of my favorite artists, like Aretha Franklin, Pattie LaBelle and Tina Turner. To me, they embody what "Girl power " or "Woman Power" means and it just started taking the shape of a modern day women's anthem.

Why do you feel the song is important for this time period?

I feel it is important because as women we tend to always put others first. Whether you’re a wife, a mother, or a business woman, we have the tendency to tolerate a lot more than we should and this song is just a fun way of saying, "Well, actually I'm worth more" or "I deserve the best and to be treated with the utmost respect." This song is just a reminder that, in whatever situation, we can't sell ourselves short and that we all have our limits, so don't mess around with them [laughs].

Tell us about your new video for "Fire." It looks like it was really fun to make.

The new video is unlike anything I've ever done. It's kind of like a modern day, throwback vibe which is suitable because the song has that essence. It's colorful and fun and I like the fact it's not the typical thing you'd expect from a video like this. Nathan Patrick, who is the director, really wanted to do something that highlighted the song and the lyrics without being completely obvious and so he found a beautiful and creative way to showcase this. We also had the opportunity to film at an awesome location (The Terra Nova) in Kingston that captured the look and feel that we were going for.

You have one album under your belt, Count on My Love. What's next?

What's next is that we're in the studio and I'm so excited about what's coming out musically and lyrically, it's soulful and yet fun. I have had the privilege to work with amazing producers like J.U.S.T.I.C.E League (who produced “Fire”), Phat Boiz, and Lil C, as well as some amazing writers, like Blu June and Crystal Nicole, and it’s just so liberating and fun being a part of this evolution.

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