Actor Terrence Howard became the subject of a hilarious meme, which pokes fun of him saying “mayne” in the 2005 flick Hustle & Flow.

The meme consists of a photoshopped Howard on various movie posters, album covers and cartoon characters uttering his “mayne” catchphrase.

For example, Prince’s film Purple Rain was turned into Purple Mayne. And comic superheroes Batman and Superman were turned into Batmayne and Supermayne with Howard’s head photoshopped on the superheroes’ bodies. Even Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album was used but instead it was titled Mayne.

Apparently, Howard caught wind that he’s being clowned with the “mayne” memes and decided to respond. On Sunday (Dec. 10), the Empire actor jokingly pretended to be upset that no one created a meme of his movies using the “mayne” catchphrase for The Best Manand Iron Man. “That’s some bullshit,” he said.

It good to see that Howard is taking the jokey memes in stride. Check out several of the hilarious #mayne memes we picked from Instagram below.

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