Catch 'em if you can. Tech N9ne spits rapid bars on his new track, "Speedom (WWC 2)," with some help from none other than Eminem.

The five-minute track, which also features Tech's Strange Music signee Krizz Kaliko, is a tongue twister. Luckily, the fans over at Genius have decoded the verses for us.

"I get to busting like I'm a thirty-aught-six / When I'm rippin' the beat up but then I heard ya' got pissed / When I got at the top, they made it pretty hot," Tech starts.

Em roars in on the third verse, spitting, "Whatever the weather in this'll be just like a certificate of authenticity / That I’m thinkin’ about just tryna think of the quickest and sickest way for ‘em to picket it / I pick a day to be picked and I’m picking the wickedest s--- to say / Spin it back on a level, incredible, head of a rebel, unforgettable."

Try saying that three times fast.

"Speedom" is the follow-up to Tech's 2011 international rap fest "Worldwide Choppers," which features Busta Rhymes, Yelawolk and Twista. The track is from Tech's forthcoming album, Special Effects.

At the moment, the Kansas City native compares his place in the game to an unlikely character. “I feel like I’m Dracula, dude, like, um… Nosferatu, you know. I’ve seen the rise and fall of a lot of y’all, you know what I’m saying," Tech tells The Boombox. "I’m still on the incline and It makes me feel immortal,” he explains. “I’ve seen so much, man, with MCs rising to fame and then plummeting, you know, and yet, we’re still on the incline and there’s still awareness and Tech N9ne’s still growing and growing after all these years.”

Special Effects is slated for a May 4 release.

Listen to Tech N9ne's "Speedom (WWC 2)" Feat. Eminem & Krizz Kaliko

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