A seventh grade teacher in Westborough, Mass., has been suspended for showing one of Eminem's music videos to her students.

Sarah Jordan became the focus of disciplinary action after she showed a clip of 'Superman' to students at the Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School. According to Superintendent Marianne F. O'Connor, the video has been deemed as sexually suggestive, prompting the school to place her on paid administrative leave following complaints from parents.

Jordan, who has had no disciplinary action in the past decade, has been on leave while the situation is being investigated.

"This was during a media analysis section," O'Connor told the Boston Herald. "There were a couple clips, movie clips or video clips, that may have been inappropriate. We're finding out, now that we have interviewed students, that it had no nudity."

In the music video, the Detroit rapper is seen engaging in sexual activity with a woman, played by porn star Gina Lynn, before kicking her out and flipping her off. The single, which is off Em's fourth album, 'The Eminem Show,' and was released in 2003, peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard singles charts. An uncut version of the music video appears on the DVD for Eminem's movie '8 Mile.'

Watch Eminem's 'Superman'

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