Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic song “September” is an upbeat anthem and a summer mainstay at black cookouts. Unfortunately, Taylor Swift decided to cover the song and fans are NOT loving it at all.

Swift’s country remake is a dull, banjo-playing rendition that takes the wind (excuse the pun) out of the group’s 1978 upbeat funk track. Swift’s rendition almost feels like a heartbreak ballad than a joyous anthem.

Incredulously, Swift even changed Earth, Wind & Fire's opening line, “Do you remember the 21st night of September" to “the 28th night of September.”

According to Billboard, the tune is part of Spotify’s Singles series. But Black Twitter wants the song to be destroy from existence.

When Swift's "September" remake hit the internet, the Twitterverse was up in arms over it.

Some fans were offended that Swift sucked the soul and feel-good vibes out of E,W & F's original version. Others are covering their ears and refusing to hear Swift's tarnished version of "September."

"If you were curious to hear what unseasoned boiled chicken breast sounded like in song, take a listen to Taylor Swift cover Earth, Wind & Fire," wrote one fan.

Another person tweeted, "Taylor Swift sucked the life and soul out of that song."

Check out more reactions to the song below. We also included Earth, Wind & Fire's original track below to help restore your feel-good vibes.

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